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in this neighborhood. he brought chuck into this neighborhood and changed the way community policing is done, not only in this district but all throughout the city and i have to thank you for that because that made the big difference in the castro, knowey valley, you go in this district they call about the community policing and i know craig brought that when he came. bob is a tireless tireless tireless captain. he's at every meeting and everywhere i go in the mission and i'm all over this district. the man is there. i wonder if he even goes home. i want to thank you all and really commend the work that our captain moezer has done and especially chuck with all the events and those of you with lgbt community. chuck really keeps it together. with carnival and so i just want to say thank you captain, sir, police chief sir for everything you have done for us. thank you. >> hello good evening. my name is robert ortega. i want to say thank you for your presence here tonight. i always wanted to make very clear that i want to point out a few individuals that have made a mark in my life. i have been here 15 y
of arizona. >> we've got this rattlesnake right here. >> chuck brown is a big fan of snakes and he wants everybody to know that yes, western din diamondback snakes are dangerous but they are not evil, they will only strike if you piss them off and provoke them. like he does here. >> oh, my gosh! >> chuck has his camera at the end of a tripod and he totally admits, yes, i'm irritating the snake. that is the only reason why it struck him. >> look at it. >> he's like way up and like -- >> yeah, you see that's your reacting to the way of snake is postured. chuck says he does keep his distance, but not always. >> i've been bit once bad. i lost a finger. >> he lost a finger? >> that's whey says. some people like dogs, some people like horses, chuck loves to look at snakes in the wild. here's a different video of another western diamondback snake that he found. >> it's a monster. >> this one is fat. >> chuck thinks this particular snake is a female and it could be getting ready to lay some eggs this spring. >> they lk like like they're able to defy gravity. >> that's scary and that should be av
rundown." here's chuck todd. >>> thanks to carrie and her trivia loving group there near utah state university in logan, utah. thanks very much. >>> we begin with the breaking news out of london where margaret thatcher, an icon to particularly a lot of conservatives here in the united states died this morning following a stroke. she was 87 years old after smashing the political glass ceiling to become the country's first woman prime minister. a tough, unapologetic leader earning the nickname iron lady. >> all attempts to destroy democracy by terrorism will fail. >> what we've got is an attempt to substitute the role of the mob for the rule of law. >> when margaret thatcher first took over as prime minister in 1979, britain was facing political and economic turmoil. she managed to reverse the recession and showed medal on the stage and in 1984 thatcher survived an attempted assassination plot by the irish republican army. in america she became known as a close confident with president reagan, she shares political and economical philosophies. but her style that endured the public to h
of the two suspects in the boston marathon bombing. i'm mika bruzinky, now to chuck todd with more coverage here on msnbc. >> thank you, mika. our coverage continues. good morning. i'm chuck todd. this is the scene right now. a rapidly changing situation in watertown, massachusetts, just outside of boston. authorities have just issued a no-fly zone over the area. we have 50 massachusetts national guardsmen in watertown in a staging area with law enforcement. the entire city of boston is now being asked to shelter in place, as law enforcement officials methodically search for the second suspect and possibly concerned about a third. joining me live in watertown, katy tur, describe the scene that you're witnessing right now. >> it has got an lot more act aive here in the past few minutes. a police helicopter that is circling this area for the last 20 minutes or so. they are circling the area which is right over here, diagonal from where i am. we did see police cruisers speed that way and arm aered vehicles speed that way and we are hearing reports of some activity. we have reporters that are c
of the founders of the organization, the real movers and shakers who couldn't be here tonight, chuck and [speaker not understood]. [cheering and applauding] >> their family is in peru, which is where [speaker not understood] hailses from. they're so disappointed they couldn't be here tonight. but the back story on this is chuck grew up in the portola. and next to mclaren park and he spent his whole childhood there. and when he and she married, they wanted the same childhood experiences chuck had had, and even better ones. so, they have spent their time working on the play grounds and all the other aspects of the park. and they worked so well and collaboratively with all the other park groups that represent mclaren park. parks alliance and rec and park department. i know they want me to thank everybody who has been such an integral part of giving them this award and all the work we still have to do on mclaren park. so, thank you for chuck and trilsy. (applause) ♪ >> fantastic. easily one of the best views in san francisco, so, if you've never had the opportunity to visit mclaren park, i highly r
for chuck's skin under my fingernails, aren't you? i try never to have expectations. never disappointed. smart. i might as well tell you, things got a little rough between chuck and i... sexually. you saw me notice those scratches on your chest? he can get himself worked up. ( sighs ) i'm going to need to, uh, photograph those markings, as well. sure. this okay? ( clears throat ) okay, um... sorry. it happens. ( low, deep electronic humming ) hey, how's it look? like a starry, starry night. we've got rifle ammo, some buckshot. come on in, take a look for yourself. no, i can't find another lead apron, and alexx isn't around. well, then, by all means, stay out. calleigh, were you here at csi when horatio's brother was killed? ray? yeah, i was new. keeping my head down. why do you ask? no reason, i just, uh... i didn't realize his brother worked narco. yeah. undercover narco cop gets killed in the line of duty, might have been dirty-- something like that. i didn't say that. nobody ever does. was he dirty? i don't know. i don't know what raymond caine was. i'm not entirely sure horatio does
. chuck todd is out on the white house lawn. chuck, i have just been told house speaker boehner is leading a moment of oh silence for the boston victims across town from you on the floor of congress. >> reporter: he is. we now see flags are officially being lowered to half staff. the president himself has been really in information receive mode. he's been getting updates all day when it comes from his homeland security director, fbi director. it's what the president said and what he didn't say that's important to listen to. take a listen to what the president said about who could be behind this and what will happen when they figure it out. >> we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake. we will get to the bottom of this. we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> reporter: as you heard there he specifically didn't say the word "terrorism." that was a decision they made in advance not to us
in so i hang out and start none chucking. >> there are a lot of things you can do to stay in shape. why this? >> i started a year and a half ago when my mom passed away. i really liked them. i kept hurting myself. my fiance ordered me padded ones. >> were you mad? >> no. i thought it was funny. >> two nunchucks up in the air like mary lou retton. >> how do you feel about being called the kung fu grandpa? you look young. >> i have a pair of nunchucks for him. here they are. this is his first pay. >> do you have enough space to do a stunt for us? >> i go through eight pair a month. >> whoa! >> whoa! ♪ >>> after watching this, you have to wonder, i hope the guy had the right car. >> yeah, dude, somebody must have ma you mad, >> the car he's jumping on apparently belongs to his girlfriend. he's not so happy with her. i don't know if that was the plan to bust through the rear windshield into the backseat? it cut up his back as well. it's a lot of glass. oh! >> oh! you okay, dude? >> that sucks. >> that's your girlfriend's car or your ex? >> after he does his damage, just strolls away. some
correspondent chuck todd traveling with the president with us tonight from west hartford, connecticut. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the white house believes this is their last best chance to do something meaningful to reform america's gun laws. the president used this speech in west hartford to make a powerful plea to washington. on a mission to rekindle the emotional spark that connected newtown with america in december, the president renewed his plea for gun control. >> this is not about politics. this is about doing the right thing for all the families who are here that have been torn apart by gun violence. >> reporter: mr. obama invoked the suffering of the families of the newtown victims. >> and newtown, we want you to know that we are here with you. we will not walk away from the promises we have made. we are as determined as ever to do what must be done. >> reporter: many of the families made their own emotional pleas sunday night on "60 minutes." >> every time, you know, it's somebody else's school, somebody else's town, somebody else's community. until one
this great commentary and this grandpa, who is not so great with the nun chucks. >> i whip the fool upside his head. >> this video was posted reverend miller. >> jesus going to rise up, i'm going to whup thedevil right here in the parking lot. sunglasses, ain't no sun. i'm out he with my gloves and my n one man -- one lord, one faith, one baptism, two nun chucks, like mary lou reddon. pow, behind the back. bust your finger, that hurts. shake it off, homey. yeah, buddy. time to call it quits. >> i love this guy. >> this guy is like a broadcaster. >> that was the best color commentary i've heard in a long time. >> what a beautiful marriage of odd things. >> grandpa doing nun chucks in the parking lot is funny enough. without the commentary. >> one man, one lord, one faith, one baptism, two nun chucks. >>> that's it for "rtm," see you tomorrow! >> so pat it and roll it -- good girl!
? >> it's time for "morning joe." but right now it's time for "the daily rundown" with chuck todd. have a great day. >>> immigration nation in the wake of a giant capitol hill rally. wednesday, it's full day coverage, right here on msnbc, on one of the biggest issues facing washington right now. and we have brand-new poll numbers to show you on the debate that will shape the future for millions of future americans. also this morning, a republican congressman in charge of keeping the house in republican control speaks out loudly to the left of the president on social security. he's sticking to his guns. how many republicans will make him walk it back? and a bipartisan breakthrough on background checks may not be so easy after all. the nra, after hours of letting it hang out there, late last night, let congress know they're still keeping score. >>> it's a very busy thursday, april 11th, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." i'm chuck todd. got the 411 on everything today. had to use it once. let's get right to my first read. this morning at 11:00, the senate is expected to vote on whether to
marathon bombing, i want to kbri in nbc news chief white house correspondent and political director. chuck todd, chuck, i thought it was a very moving, moving speech from the president and very personal. coming at a very particularly difficult time. look at the nation reeling from a tragedy and the uncertainty from what happened in and around bost thn week. >> alex, think about what the president has had to deal with in the last 24 hours, both politically, in his own political fights. we heard yesterday in the range of emotions that the president has been dealing with. where he was obviously upset and angry about the gun vote. on his way to boston to deliver that speech, he's getting bring briefed about what happened in west texas. a reminder that this job isn't made for everyone. but the speech itself when you think about how important it is for the city of boston, his speech -- every speech was more moving than the next. i thought deval patrick was outstanding and the president really gave the type of thing that i think people wanted to hear. feel the healing. for a lot of bostonians, wa
now by nbc news political director, chief white house correspondent, chuck todd, and the "huffington post's" howard fineman. i want to start with howard tonight. you've got this louisville background. tell me how the women of the state of kentucky will respond to this new nastiness from mitch mcconnell. he's already at 36% approval. what will they think of him sitting there talking about a woman they know of, they maybe wouldn't vote for but they know of her, and the fact she's emotionally unbalanced and sort of enjoying that information and how he might use it. how can this help this guy? >> oh, it doesn't help this guy. and i don't think it's just with women, chris. i think it's with all kentuckians. and i lived and worked there for five years and i kept in close touch with kentucky. this just reaffirms and deepens the image of mitch mcconnell as a ruthless, cold-blooded politician who will say and do anything to win election. that might not make him fundamentally different from a lot of other people, but to kentuckians, that's always been a problem with mitch mcconnell. they both
, moderator of nbc's "meet the press." chuck todd, nbc's political director and host of msnbc's "the daily rundown." politico's jonathan martin. wane slater, senior political writer for "dallas morning news." and the author. book "bush's brain." and joining us is michael reagan and michael beschloss, you will hear from all of them now. david, this was quite a day. i didn't expect it would go so well, but i think it has. >> i think it has gone well. there's an enormous amount of politeness at an event like this. we've talked about it. there is a common bond between these former presidents and current president, as president obama said. they're more like a support group than a club. because it reflects the fact that politics is one thing, governing and the presidency is hard. i think having covered president bush for eight years i'm willing to go out on a limb and say that i do believe he worries less about being loved, than most politicians. i think he has resigned himself to the fact that he will forever be controversial president, because he made very difficult decisions, very controversi
has to. joining us to discuss this and other stories of the week are chuck nevius and josh richman. the politics reporter for the bay news area. josh, why is governor brown being so defiant on this issue? >> he declared victory after getting the prison population decreased through realignment. spinning what had been state prison inmates to county jails and other facilities to bring the population down fast. now he is between a rock and hard place. he is taking a lot of flack from his political foes for letting people out who subsequently may commit crimes. every time there is one that commits a crime, they are critical of it. he has the courts breathing down his neck. you made good progress, but you are not done yet. you still have a major overcrowding problem and problem with provision of mental and other health services. >> a bit of a lose-lose. you cannot go wrong with crime. it will be bad. i have taken a couple of trips to san quinton. the place where you can touch both sides of the wall with your hands. >> this has been going on since 2009. they lost an earlier ruling in janu
that briefing, it to me that was the most important thing to come out with. i heard secretary chuck hagel was there and i said i would like to visit with him. this is schedules are all plans. he came the next day and we had a good discussion. i do not know how we change the scheduled to make it work out. he did. we were in total agreement on that. he is going to be with karzai the next day. i think general done for it is that still have that right now. i think they are a good team. all of the chips are in place to make it happen. how are we proceeding on this agreement? the president had talked to karzai the day before and told him we need to get this done now. i am saying get it done this spring. did not wait. i saw what happened and how it fell apart in iraq. the downside, what we would lose, it would be tragic. real positive things. we have made really good gains there. we hear of the tragedies of a suicide bomber. the blue one up as we arrived at headquarters. positives as a agreement. they can provide enough security. the tal bang cannot beat -- taliban cannot be the afghans. they do
now is david baker, energy reporter. chuck nevius and jill tucker. >> the governor threw down the gauntlet this week and calling it a civil rights issue. >> the state is turning into a . those at middle and bottom are doing worse. >> jill, boil it down for us. what are the main points the governor is proposing in the plan? >> what the governor wants to do is make a complicated funding system simpler. instead of giving money to schools on old formulas and not teaching and what they need, he is saying let's give everybody a base amount from $6,300 to $7,200 depending on the grade level. you will get more if you have students that are more difficult to teach and they have more issues and they need more time and attention. it is a fairly simple system on the face of it that says if you have these kids, this is how much money you will get. >> the thinking is the extra money will be used for more teachers or tutors? what? >> you know what? the benefit of this proposal according to the districts is they get to decide. there are a lot of restrictions on how the money is spent. i equat
in the neighborhood in the 6:00 hour. >>> the defense secretary chuck hagel said that north korea's nuclear threats present a real and clear danger. kim jong un is vowing to build a nuclear weapon. some analysts call the threats empty, but speaking at an national defense university today, chuck hagel said he wasn't willing to take that chance. >> it only takes being wrong once, and i don't want to be the secretary of defense who was wrong once. >> north korea has threatened to launch attacks against the united states. the u.s. has sent fighter jets and warships to the korean peninsula. >>> children from around the nation will dine with first lady michelle obama at the white house this summer. they'll be sampling original issues at the second annual kids state dinner. it has a prize and contest to promote healthy eating. the first lady's healthy lunchtime challenge is asking kids from eight to twelve, and their parents, to create nutrition lunch recipes that represent each food group. if they have a winning recipe, they get lunch with the first lady.
. >>> how much wood cay woodchuck chuck? -- can a woodchuck chuck? i am sure you never wondered how many ice cream a woodchuck could chuck. this woodchuck is a pet and his owner gave him the treat for his birthday. everybody should get ice cream on their birthday. >> look at him. >> i know. >> eating away. >> so cute though right. >> very cute. >> happy monday. it's nice to have you back lynette charles. >> thank you. >> hopefully you are returning to good weather. >> i didn't bring the good weather with me. >> reporter: we have rain in the forecast. >> the roads are looking clear. >> yes so far so good but that can change especially this morning when we are dealing with a little bit of rain. >> exactly. we have wet road and the rain will be off and on. kids heading to school need the rain gear. temperature wise, we are coming in at 53 degrees. and we are at 65 degrees as we come home from school today, but the wind will be pick -- winds will be picking up so 65 feeling cooler but nonetheless, we are going to have things get better especially in terms of temperatures. we have cooler air out
. >>> chuck hagel was nominated because he looked like a man who could change the pentagon. he was attacked relentlessly and ridiculously because of that same apparent independence of mind. today we got to see if he escaped from the senate hazing with his will intact. that's coming up. >>> first, i want to share the three awesomest things on the internet today. first, a series of incredible never before seen videotapes released by the shelby county registrar's office in tennessee. the tapes document the man who murdered dr. martin luther king jr., james earl ray. lots of fascinating stuff to sort through here. ray can be seen having his rights being led to him back to memphis, also his arrival at the shelby county jail, where he was searched, examined by a doctor, and placed into a cell. footage has been released to mark the anniversary of king's death, which is tomorrow. find the videos and read more on the shelby county registrar's website. this fascinating, maddening, and hilarious article is the second awesomest thing on the internet today. i just had the good fortune to stumble upon it
. chuck hagel. he says kim jong-un, is skating, in his words, very close to a dangerous line. the communist leader could order a missile test launch at any moment. we're being told that the north koreans are military masters of deception who may have something else up their sleeves, as well. our pentagon correspondent, barbara starr, is joining us now with the latest. barbara? >> reporter: wolf, military masters of deception, indeed. and new indications that the north koreans may have some other plans up their sleeve. defense secretary chuck hagel's message to kim jong-un and his north korean regime, enough is enough. >> with its bellicose rhetoric, with its actions, have been skating very close to a dangerous line. >> reporter: in the hours before an expected north korean missile test, hagel made clear, the u.s. military is ready to respond. >> our country is fully prepared to deal with any contingency, any action, that north korea may take or any provocation. >> reporter: the joint chiefs chairman, offering a grim assessment of how close north korea is to putting a nuclear
of the house security committee michael mike mccaul. lindsey gram and chuck schumer with the difference on between a terrorist and criminal and whether boston changes the immigration debate. and when the unimaginable becomes real. >> why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and our country resort to such violence? how did they plan and carry out these attacks? and did they receive any help? >> our all-star panel on what we know about the suspects and what it tells us about their mission. i'm candy crowley. this is "state of the union." federal terrorism charges could be filed as early as today against the second boston marathon bombing suspect. dzhokhar tsarnaev remains hospitalized this morning with injuries including one to his throat. "new york times" is reporting that the department of homeland security decided in recent months to delay action on an application for citizenship from the other suspected bomber, tamerlan tsarnaev. a routine background check revealed he was interviewed by the fbi in 2011 at the request of the russian government, which su
here in dallas is david gregory, moderator of nbc's "meet the press" and chuck todd, msnbc's political director and host of msnbc's "the daily rundown." let me start with david because you've had a really good look and we have jonathan martin of politico and in washington we're joined right now by alex wagner, host of "now" with alex wagner on msnbc and howard fineman has joined us as well. editorial director of "the huffington post why the "media group and msnbc political analyst. let's go to david right now and get a sense of what the library is all about. >> well, chris, and obvious lly stop me at any time as the ceremony unfolds if you want to go to it live. this library is very much in the image of what president bush wants to be remembered for. his was a tumultuous presidency. there's an aspect of the library, the presidency he imagined and the presidency he ultimately led as a wartime leader, the 9/11 portions are compelling. it is striking that iraq is not separate from the entire section on the war on terror, which was the enduring criticism. >> can we take a break, david. >>
review. rpresent's at the white house correspondents dinner, how did he do? let's bring in chuck nice and host of reliable sources, howie curts. good afternoon to both of you. >> good afternoon. >> hi. >> good afternoon. okay, so chuck, i don't even think thstion is fair, but i'm going to ask it anyway because we expect a lot of our president, we expects them to be great comedians, so i'm going to ask you this question in the spirit of what i just said. rate the president's performance as a comedian. because he was great.ate him and i do this for a living. and this guy steps in and makes it look like it's just a walk in the park, that it's so easy. and the truth of the matter is come timing. and obama has impeccable timing. he knows how to milk a joke. he knows when to hit a punch line. and if you look at the reaction of the people in the audience, they're nodding their heads and kind of like, wow, this guy is good. like even the people that don't want him to be good are like, well, what can we do? this guy is great. then you have people who say, well, he's got writers. and i'm like,
watching you this morning, throughout the morning and you and david and chuck. and all of our team down there. and just for anyone who loves the american presidency, loves american history. this was so extraordinary. you saw jimmy carter getting up and finding something really positive to say about george w. bush. about sudan, about pepfar. bill clinton, the gracefulness of all of these other leaders. what was your impression being there? >> i think somebody was passing out the sodium pentothal the past couple of days. you had george w. bush the former president say, you know dick cheney saying i don't see him much. that was a firestorm. that was a great get for him and from the former first lady, we've had enough bushes, that's like eisenhower saying about nixon, give me two weeks and i'll think something he's helped me with. that was an undercut. and wonderfully bill saying the eternal effort of former presidents to rewrite history. what an absolute statement about what this is all about. all of these lee brieres are that very thing to try to write history your way. i thought it was a
house correspondent chuck todd is traveling with the president. he is in texas. before i get more information on what the white house is saying, i want to play the president's remarks, august 20th, 2012, when this red line was first referenced by the president. let's play it. >> we have been very clear to the outside regime but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is, we start saying a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. that would change my equation. >> of course, august 20, 2012. what is the administration saying right now, chuck? >> reporter: well, they're a fine line here. what you heard secretary hagel say is the intelligence community believes that chemical weapons have been used by the assad regime. a senior official briefed a bunch of reportaries few minutes ago and what he is saying is we need more evidence to confirm the intelligence community's assessment. the senior official made reference to the infamous wmd information back in the day in saying that's why you have to confirm this. the a
in about the next week. >>> chuck haggle wants to change how the military deals with convictions. they're wanting military to be stripped of their abilities. he's seeking legislation requiring cases go through the us court of military appeals. >> it's just dependent on making a big pr effort and not looking at the structural problems. >> they want the crimes to be taken out of the chain of command. this was spurred by a recent case of an officeer's insurance debt. >>> the president's 2014 budget proposal calls for taking new measures to combat the grows problem for those convicted of tax related identity theft. the proposed changes come as the irs reports a spike in tax refund identity theft. >>> san jose ebay will lose their market for add retargeting. it allows how kiter to display ads. this includes amazon and google. >>> the tension ranches up another notch. the latest warning from north korea today and how the threat is being received.
on comprehensive immigration reform. >> michael: he said continuing progress but nothing tangible get. chuck schumer said he thinks we could see a deal as early as next week. >> with the agreement between business and labor, every major policy issue has been resolved on the gang of eight. we have all agreed that we're not going to come to a final agreement until we see draft legislative language and agree on that. we have drafted some of it already. the rest will be drafted this week. >> michael: how tough is a gang if chuck schumer is in it? some republicans said they wouldn't agree to anything until the boarder is absolutely secure. >> people still get threw, but we have a reasonable expectation of catching them. we don't need a saled border we need a secure border. >> michael: where there is a flicker of bipartisan agreement there is a republican ready to douse it with a big budget of cold water. and in this case marco rubio is holding the bucket of water in his case. he urged the senate to slow the whole thing down by just having hearings rather than a vote. and fin
a potential game-changer. our political director, chief white house correspondent chuck todd is with us for more on this. chuck, what to do about it now in a nation not looking for yet another foreign conflict? >> reporter: absolutely. look, the first time personally the president acknowledged that, yes, they have -- we have evidence, the united states government -- evidence of chemical weapons being used in syria. but in a meeting and the oval office with the king of jordan he made that acknowledgment with a lot of caveats. take a listen. >> knowing that potentially chemical weapons have been used inside of syria doesn't tell us when they were used, how they were used, obtaining confirmation and strong evidence. all of those things we have to make sure we work on with the international community and we, ourselves, are going to focus on this. >> reporter: here's what sources are making clear to me. their intelligence, they believe, is spot on. they believe they know chemical weapons were used. they don't know who ordered it. did assad himself do it? is it a rogue agent? that's the evide
those chemical weapons. our chief white house correspondent, political director chuck todd, with us from the white house tonight with more on this chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. well, the president was very careful in what he said about how he would enforce that red line. of course, the red line is if it is proven that the syrian regime used chemical weapons. here's what he said, and listen to the careful nuance. >> there are options that are available to me that are on the shelf right now that we have not depl deployed, and that's a spectrum of options. as early as last year, i asked the pentagon, our military, our intelligence officials to prepare for me what options might be available. >> reporter: the options that he's considering right now, there already is either indirect or nonlethal assistance to the syrian opposition that's going on right now, almost $500 million that's been spent in humanitarian aid in this nonlethal assistance. what the president could consider in the next few weeks is direct military assistant to those opposition groups, brian, that th
kerry or clinton. >> kerry is now heading off to the middle east. kim and chuck and -- chuck -- kim and chris, we're seeing this shuttle diplomacy. this is a reenergized middle east shuttle, so that is point one, kerry, kim, does seem to want to nail down whatever advantage he can, and is planning a lot of travel. >> he's been wanting to do this. he's been wanting the job for a long time, and wanting to go all in. he doesn't have probably any more political ambitions beyond his job as secretary of state. he wants to leave a mark. hillary clinton perhaps still harbored political ambitions. she did go all in when she was secretary of state. she doesn't want to stake her reputation on the thankless task of middle east peace-making. john kerry definitely wants to give it his all. >> will he be able to give it his all, though, check? secretaries of state, not only the cap net members in general, but in particular, the secretaries of state, having on a very short leash. the without controls all. you know, hillary clinton had so much celebrity, the aura, that it was somewhat obscured that
by nbc's political director, chief white house correspondent, chuck todd. and ron reagan, msnbc contributor. guys, this is exactly what i'm hoping the president can do. restore the moments when we first, our first powerful impression of the kids and the weapon used to kill them. and can he get that back into the hearts and minds of the politicians? first off, why don't we start with this? people who saw this show haven't forgotten it. last night there was a stark reminder what this current debate about gun legislation is really about. as i said, the families and the victims from the newtown massacre. they told their stories on "60 minutes." many of home' are come to washington this week on air force one to urge congress to vote on gun legislation and they have a powerful message. let's listen to it. >> they need to not just look us in the eyes but look our children and the lost ones and see those faces, see what's gone. >> we don't get to move on. we don't have the benefit of turning the page to another piece of legislation and having another debate and playing politics the same
around for chuck todd. he's got "the daily rundown." >>> a shocking explosion wednesday night in texas. there's a lot to get to on this thursday, april 18th edition of "the daily rundown." we've got the latest on the investigation in boston. the senate gun vote failure. the gang of eight unveiling their immigration bill and mark sanford's comeback complications. we begin with what you just saw there. massive devastation in a tiny city of west, texas, where a fertilizer plant exploded just before 8:00 p.m. last night. it shook the area with the same power as a small earthquake. it sent a mushroom cloud into the sky. the area immediately surrounding the plant was devastated. homes and businesses were flattened for several blocks around the plant. a high school, a nursing home, an apartment complex were all in the blast zone. >> it rattled everything in the house. it took my breath away. >> the school is gone. the apartments are gone. it's horrible. >> massive. just like iraq, just like oklahoma city. >> between 5 and 15 people have been killed. the dead are believed to include firefighte
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